Monday, January 13, 2020

100 word challenge week 17- The Twin by Isla

One  day there was a little girl with a furry yellow hat named Kristy. That day
she walked very slowly to the market. No one knew why since she was always very fast. When she reached  apple street a guy with a beard drove up in his weird vehicle playing loud music. He asked the girl if she needed a ride to the market she said sure since why not. As she climbed into the weird vehicle she noticed a tattoo of a girl who looked just like her “who's that?” she asked.  “Her names Kirsti and shes your twin”……….. 


  1. that so weird how dose that happen plz write a part 2

  2. hello Isla,
    very interesting! I really want a part 2 to explain what happens next. Ishe kidnapping her? Why does she have a tattoo of her twin? is the man and the twins related? maybe check out my story on